Typically, the inspection of cylindrical objects has always been a challenge for high speed inspection systems that cannot utilize the unwrapping capability of a line scan camera due to space or material handling constraints. The Xyntek Vial Inspection System (VIS) complete with integrated material handling, reject mechanism, and 360 degrees of machine vision cameras provides a way to inspect objects such as vials, tubes, and bottles for various defects. The components of the system can be fully tailored to meet the customer’s inspection needs through the world class machine vision design, integration and consulting services that Xyntek provides.

The Vial Inspection System was most recently implemented for a major Life Sciences client in the US. The system conducts product quality inspections and enables tight control throughout the production process for the largest manufacturer of reagent Red Blood cells in the world. These reagents are used by hospitals, hospital networks, blood banks, and labs to enable the safe, accurate, and efficient screening and invitro diagnostics of patients to detect blood group antibodies. The customer required a means to automate their manual inspection process by using integrated machine vision technology. The operators had been inspecting vials manually with the label on due to the inability to inspect in the filling room. As a result, this made it difficult to accurately look for defects, and resulted in inefficiencies in resource time management. By deploying Xyntek’s VIS solution, the customer has been able to not only more accurately inspect their vials for defects, but also allow vials to be passed to packaging more efficiently.

System Features

Security and Compliance:
The Xyntek VIS is highly configurable enabling integration to existing Windows Active Directory for networked log in or can utilize local credentials.

Audit Trail:
Full Audit Trail capability enables traceability of every action as well as the filtration and generation of reports based upon that Audit Trail Data for easy review.

Full Reporting:
The Xyntek VIS reporting can be modified to be as extensive as required by each client. Example of data included ranges from Statistics from each type of possible defect to analysis of larger runs to find trends.

Sample Inspection Functionalities

Particulate Detection:
Detect and classify distinct particle types based on their characteristics.

Scratch Detection:
Use of Dark Field Lighting to detect and analyze scratches on the product.

Pipette Presence:
Utilizes enhanced state of the art algorithms to verify the presence of the pipette and simple masking to allow for variance in the presentation of the pipette.

Pipette Structure Analysis:
Combination of Edge and Blob Tools serve to analyze the structure of the pipette.

Pipette Angle Check:
Simple angle checks to determine whether the pipette is seated crooked in the vial.

Cap Presence:
Simple Pattern check to determine presence of Cap. Can be expedited through ad hoc analysis using Blob Tools.

Cap Structure Verification:
Combination of Blob and Edge tools to verify cap structure. Can be tailored to look for most common defect types.

Cap Color Check:
Color camera can be configured to check for cap color.
Additional Tools can be built in and tailored to meet the specific needs of your process.

Recipe Management:
In-depth and simple recipe management enables quick and easy change-over between various product types.

Integration with ERP or Databases with Product Data:
Batch Data can be easily pulled from existing ERP or other database structures and used to load recipes or populate report data.

Xyntek’s complete turnkey solution includes the following components:

  • A user friendly and intuitive Graphical User Interface with reporting, recipe management, and statistics functionality
  • Vision Controller
  • 1 - 5 MP GigE Camera
  • 1 - Color GigE Camera
    Because the camera did not do the processing internally, the Vision Controller was utilized in order to process the image from the Camera as well as house the software that was being developed both the deployment and development releases.
  • 3 - 2 MP GigE MonoChrome Cameras, in order to provide multiple angles on the vials
  • RGB Backlights - customized lighting and optics design based on the customer’s inspection criteria. Colored Backlights provide good contrast between illuminated particles in various solution colors and types
  • Material handling integration with reject handling
  • Full GMP-compliant system development lifecycle documentation

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