Bundle Aggregation Station

  • Equipped with high-resolution cameras to read all the datamatrix codes inside the bundle/ wrap, these stations are usually installed at the outlet of the bundler or wrapper machines
  • The lighting-camera system is designed to maximize the reading rate even in critical conditions such as under plastic wrap
  • The station includes an automatic print & apply module and a control camera to verify correct label application
  • Not conforming or not readable bundles will be automatically rejected, by a reject station positioned at the end of the station

Modular and compact design to fit different layouts and minimize space occupation on the lines.

Sentinel Station

The Last Code Reading Concept:
When full image of the aggregation cannot be taken (multilayers, coding position, plastic wrapping, …)
  • A camera detects any item before entering in the bundler or in the case packer
  • Non conforming or wrong codes are rejected, to prevent entering aggregation and therefore to require rejection of the full aggregated unit later on
  • At least one code inside the aggregation phase is read
  • Intelligent reconstruction of the sequence is performed, to assure aggregation consistency even in case of jamming or machine stoppings
  • Maximum OEE is guaranteed avoiding unnecessary rejects of the aggregated units due to wrong codes

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