With serialization deadlines fast approaching, the off-line label serialization solution will enable you to create standardized serial labels for every global market. The newly designed WT-35VS Serialization System integrates the Xyntek-Antares Serialization Tracking software and hardware allowing you to print, inspect, and serialize labels all in one small package.

Xyntek-Antares as a leader in track & trace applications for the pharmaceutical industry has released the ATS CORE; it’s third generation of the renowned Antares Tracking System software. Antares Tracking System is the complete software suite to manage track and trace/ e-Pedigree of drug packages. ATS has already proven its functionality and efficiency in over 100 plants around the world, serializing and aggregating over 5 billion SKUs and counting.

Regardless of your companies size the Xyntek-Antares and the Web Techniques WT-35VS system is capable of meeting all your labeling and serialization needs.

Key Features:

  • Security and Compliance
    The WT-35VS Serialization System is a highly configurable platform which supports integration to a company’s existing LDAP / Windows Active Directory for networked log in, or can be setup with local credentials for the users to meet 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

  • Integrated or Standalone Serialization Platform
    Through the ATS software suite, the WT-35VS Serialization System supports connections to existing ERP and EPCIS enterprise servers for serial number management; or can be configured as a standalone serial number management system for smaller cost effective applications.

  • Flexibility and consistency are the key points of ATS
    Module can be easily configured to work according to the different regulations or customer specific requirements for print technologies (Laser, TTO, Inkjet, etc.) and vision systems (Antares, Cognex, etc.).

  • Serialized Markets
    Any regulation can be easily addressed in a specific domain with support for GS1 rules.

  • Human Machine Interface
    Easy and intuitive user interface, with a quick training period. GUI completely redesigned with a Metro Interface Style. Customizable serialization reports for Work Order, Serial, Audit Trail, etc.

  • Bi-Directional Syetem
    Uses tabletop rewinding machinery to produce high quality rolls. Automatically positions issues for easy identification and repair; allows returned to original copy position in half the time.

  • Thermal Transfer Overlay Printing Speed
    System allows approximately 35-40 feet per minute with the TTO printer

  • Infinately Variable Motor Speed Contol
    System will automatically “over speed” the motor, rewinding smaller diameter cores. Allows system to automatically maintain desired web speed

  • Wind Labels In or Out

  • Pneumatic Friction Brake
    For More Accurate And Repeatable Tension Control

  • Missing Label Detection

  • Choice of Coreholder Styles
    *Lift-Off Cam-Lock (Mechanical) *Lift-Off Air Inflatable (Great choice for quickly switching between coreholder sizes) *Flange Mounted Air Inflatable

  • Choice of Coreholder Sizes
    Coreholders range in size from coreless to 0.4” through 6” (25mm through 120mm).

    Optional Features:

  • Data Logging Rewind System
    Record live rewind data with: Label Count, Time & Date Stamp, Operator Information, and Product/Customer Name

  • Splice Detection System
    Detects the glossy surface of most splicing tapes regardless of color

  • Compressed Air Module
    Allows WT-35 System to be operated in locations with no compressed air availability

  • Razor Blade Slitting Attachment
    Requires air coreholder on the rewinding for multiple cores

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