September 17, 2013 (2pm EST)

Time is ticking and we are only less than 18 months away from January 1st 2015, the critical date by which Pharmaceutical companies must initiate serialization and ePedigree’s. Unfortunately many manufacturing and packaging companies in the industry are still in the planning phase of determining a strategy and solution to address the upcoming serialization mandates. As companies progress further into the strategy and solution decision they are realizing the many challenges that arise with serialization initiatives and the affects that serialization will have post implementation. While time is of the essence, there are still opportunities to address these challenges and risks head on in order to meet the California and world market e-pedigree requirements.

Please join Xyntek-Antares, the Global Leaders in Track & Trace, for an exclusive online event to learn more about the experiences we have gained throughout the implementation and delivery of turnkey serialization solutions on over 300 lines worldwide. We will review and share our case studies on the implementation of full track and trace serialization, aggregation & e-pediggree and effect of the serialization technology implementation on OEE and methods by which it can be maintained and potentially increased. In addition, we will discuss how medium to small production lines can save money utilizing cost effective semi-automatic hardware and software modulized solutions to reduce the monetary burden of serialization technology implementation as well as maintain product integrity and quality throughput.

The Agenda will include:
• OEE Case Study – A statistical analysis of serialization effects on OEE
• How OEE can be regained through the use of strategic pieces of equipment
• Low Cost Semi-Automatic / Hybrid Modular Solutions for low – medium throughput lines
• The integration of serialization solutions to multi-functional robotic systems
• The benefits of secondary “dummy” coding on both bottle and carton lines
• How to implement a non-inference aggregation solution when 100% verification is not possible

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